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- Jovana Drobnjak

- Jovana Drobnjak
Family name: Drobnjak
First name: Jovana
Date of birth: 15 December 1988
E-mail: /
Phone: 00382 67 565 124
Passport holder: Montenegrin
Residence: Montenegro


University Donja Gorica UDG
Faculty for international economy, finance and business
Postgraduate studies “Entrepreneurial economy”
Master thesis: Payment for ecosystem services as a function in financing protected areas

University Donja Gorica, UDG
Faculty for international economy, finance and business
Grade point average (GPA) score – 9.18 (out of 10)
2007-2010 B. Sc. in international economy, finance and business

Key qualifications:

Candidate has both international and domestic working experience with strong international experience, communication and presentation skills. Has worked within a team and has leadership experience. Led or coordinated several projects involving surveying, data collection and analysis, writing the reports and delivering public presentations. List of all important project is given below.

Present position:

• Coordinator of Faculty for food technology, food safety and ecology, University of Donja Gorica
- Years within the firm: six years
• Director of Center for climate change, natural resources and energy
- Years within the firm: from November 2017

Membership of professional bodies:

- Deputy member of the IPARD Monitoring Committee II
- Network for Social Responsibility (NRS), the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (A representative of the UDG in NRS, actively participate in all activities of NRS)



Other skills:

Coordinating and facilitating the work of team
Participatory decision making
Working independently, as well as in teams
Able to work under pressure and with tight deadlines

Practical: Microsoft Office Packet, web browsers, SPSS
Driving license "B" category

Work experience:

November 2017 - Center for climate change, natural resources and energy Director

September 2012-present - Faculty for Food technology, Food Safety and Ecology, UDG Coordinator

April 2012-September 2012 - University of Donja Gorica Assosiate

September 2011-April 2012 - UNDP office Montenegro Intern in environment and economy cluster

September 2010-September 2011 - Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses, ISSP Junior research

November 2010-January 2011 - Television Montena Co-editor of the economic program Montena Broadcasting Business

September 2009-September 2010 - University of Donja Gorica, UDG,
University Library Assistant

2008-2010 - Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, CEED Researcher

2009-2011 - Student Business Center, SBC UDG Member


1. Western Balkans Urban Agriculture Initiative/BUGI, ERASMUMS +
2. Thematic Report on Biodiversity and Eco-systems of the Drin Basin,
3. Support to National Dietary Surveys in Compliance with the EU Menu methodology (sixth support)”, “The adults’ survey”, including subjects from 10 to 74 years old, EFSA
4. Applied food science for students - Sci food 2, World banke
5. Training for park rangers in protected areas, UNDP
6. Affirmation of grape growing regions and winemaking sector through the promotion of wine culture in Montenegro, IPA
7. Improving traditional cheese making in the North of Montenegro, IPA
8. Training for agriculture producers in municipality Mojkovac and Pluzine, UNDP
9. Applied food science for students –Sci Food, World banke
10. Sinjajevina – expert for pastoralism IPARD workshops, UNDP
11. Typical products as an engine for development of rural areas TERRA "Roads through the Durmitor honey and Herzegovina
12. Cluster Development in Montenegro: Delicious Montenegro, UNIDO
13. School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Young, UDG
14. Implementation of the Strategic Piloting, SEECEL
15. Regional Summer School "Healthy food, wine and culture", UDG
16. Plan for using Tara river resources, UNDP
17. Montenegro Business Challenge 2013, USAID
18. 4th cohort of the Institutional HR Strategy Group, Euraxess
19. NEXT – Collaborative Platform to support research and technology transfer, IPA
20. Report CAR (Country Analytical Report): Assessment of sustainability data and collect data in Montenegro, UNICEF and MONSTAT
21. Regional Summer School "Capital Market and Financial Systems: Region, EU, Asia", UDG
22. Census of Population and Housing, Montenegro
23. Strengthening sustainability of protected areas, UNDP
24. Cluster Mapping - Durmitor region, UNDP

Seminars, training, conferences

- January 2018th World Sustainable Development Forum 2018, Mexico City
- December 2017th Roundtable "My innovations in teaching", UDG
- December 2017th First National Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development, Tehnopolis, Niksic
- December 2017th AGTRITECH 2017. conference, Podgorica
- November 2017th GIZ workshops: Evaluation of ecosystem services; GIZ ORF BD project, Podgorica
- November 2017th First International Conference on Vranac and other Montenegrin autochthonous grapevine varieties, Podgorica
- November 2017th Business academy „Birziminijum“- Professor Veselin Vukotic lecture, Podgorica
- November 2017th Lecture: "Climate change and proposal for global solutions" prof.dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, UDG, Podgorica
- November 2017th International Conference Globalism vs. Nationalism, the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS), the European Academy of Science and Art (EASA) and the Global Roundtable (GRT), Podgorica
- October 2017th Study visit to Puglia region, Delicious Montenegro brand, UNDO
- September 2017th Milocer Development Forum - "Globalization and Initiative" Belt and Road “, Cetinje
- September 2017th EU Menu: Capnutra Symposium and Regional training, Belgrade, Serbia
- July 2017th Cetinje Dialogues
- June 2017th New Quality Assurance Framework at UDG – QAf@UDG
- May 2017th Seminar "wine map of Montenegro”, Project "Affirmation of vinicultural areas and viticulture sector through the promotion and expansion of wine culture in Montenegro" CFCU/MNE/017
- 07th April 2017 Round table: Education of educators, UDG Podgorica, Montenegro
- 04th April 2017 Conference: The applied science of food for students - Sci-Food”, UDG, Podgorica, Montenegro
- 27th March 2017 Round table and workshop: School-to-Work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
- 07th March 2017 Round table: "Strengthening integrity and combating corruption in higher education", Council of Europe
- 08th December 2016 Scientific Conference: Climate Change, Resources and Energy, Podgorica, Montenegro
- 22-23.November 2016 Practitioners’ Encounter on Geographical Indications in Western Balkan Countries, BiodivBalkans project, Prizren Kosovo
- 16-19th October 2016 SEECEL Entrepreneurial Camp: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in SEET , Sibenik Croatia
- 11 – 14th October 2016 - Agricultural Policy Forum 2016: Evidence – Based Agricultural Policy: Enabling Environment for Developing the Agricultural Sector in the South East Europe, Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG), Tirana, Albania
- Jun 2016 Info Session on EFSA and Risk Assessment Methodology, Podgorica, Montenegro
- March 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) and Milan Investment booster, NEXT project, Milano Italy
- Feburuary 2015 Conference: FAO-EBRD Project: “Upgrade of Meat Quality Standards in Montenegro and Exchange of Lessons Learned in the Western Balkans’’, Podgorica, Montenegro
- January-December 2014 The cycle of round tables: Almanah of study on UDG - "5 to 12", Podgorica, Montenegro
- October-December 2014 Awakening of the spirit: Cycle seminar-lectures "7 to 7", Podgorica, Montenegro
- July 2014 Workshop “Smart specialization methodology”-Sibenik, Croatia
- Jun 2014 INNOVACTORS: New challenges and opportunity from Europe, Polo di Istruzione Superiore Leonardo da Vinci, Civitanove Italy
- April 2014 National Conference: Education, science and business-joint potential, project NEXT, Budva, Montenegro
- December 2013 3rd international Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment and People Conference (CCEDEP) of the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU)
- Jun 2013 Course: Medium-term financial perspective of the EU for 2014 – 2020 with special reference to IPA II, prof. Mojmir Mrak
- Jun 2013 Training of trainers for the use of ICT tools in the food sector, CAPINFOOD project
- Jun 2013 Member of the jury for the selection of Eco-Municipalities of Montenegro 2013, Ministry of sustainable development and tourism
- March 2013 Future we want: Roundtable Education after 2015, UNDP and UDG
- February 2013 Panel Discussion: The Young and the public in the process of negotiations between Montenegro and the EU, UDG, Podgorica
- October 2012 Seminar on Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, Brussel
- October 2012 Conference: Developing Human Right Education at the Heart of Higher Education, Podgorica,
- October 2012 Roundtable on "Women Entrepreneurship - Challenges and Perspectives", Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro
- September 2007-September 2015 Milocer Development Forum
August 2012 Liberty academy 2012, Lake Bled, Slovenia
- Jun 2013 Round table: "How to the social enterprise in practice", Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro
- April 2012 Research Day, UDG and DAMAR, Podgorica
- March 2012 Application TNA handbook in Montenegro, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
- November 2011 Roundtable: Trust in the future, the Government of Montenegro
- October 2011 Senate of capital Cetinje: Lovcen and Skadar Lake in development of Cetinje
- September 2011 XX Congress of the European Academy of Entrepreneurship, Management and Economics, (EADEM-European Academy of Management and Business Economics), Montenegrin Academy of science
- July 2011 Ninth International interdisciplinary seminar on mathematical models and modeling of laser-plasma process and advanced scientific technologies, LPpM3, Budva, Montenegro
- June 2011 Roundtable: Sustainable Economic Valorisation of Protected Areas, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Podgorica
- June 2011 The International Conference "The Western Balkans after the Lisbon meeting", Šipan, Croatia
- May 2011 Free Market Road Show, the theme: "The Future of Europe: Why methods of resolution of the last millennium do not measure up to future challenges", UDG, Podgorica
- April 2011 Roundtable with President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission and members, UDG
- Febrary 2011 Financial academy, OIKOS, Zagreb, Croatia
July- August 2010 Univerity Toronto, Toronto, Canda:
-School of Continuing Studies
-Speaking English Language Program
- May 2010 Free Market Road Show, UDG, Podgorica
- April 2010 Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, the theme of "Economic Development", Podgorica
- April 2009 Round table on "Fiscal Policy in procyclic environment", Podgorica
- July 2008 ESPI Institute, Summer School: Vienna and Chicago: Two Schools of Free-Market Economy-with emphasis on competition and tax policy, Belgrade

Other relevant information:


1. Martinovc, Aleksandra, Konjevic, Darko, Drobnjak, Jovana, Boljevic, Vesna (2016), Trends of Agricultural Policy in Montenegro, Food Quality and Safety, Health and Nutrition, Ohrid, Macedonia

2. Drobnjak, Jovana (2016), Climate change and ecosystem services, Scientific Conference: Climate Change, Resources and Energy, Podgorica, Drobnjak, Jovana (2013), Economic valuation of the protected areas system of Montenegro, 3rd Climate change, economic development, environment and people conference, Podgorica, Montenegro

National journals:

3. Drobnjak, Jovana (2012), Coase’s Social Cost: Example of Montenegro, E-ssay

4. Diploma Thesis (2010): Mediterranean as the foundation of Western civilization


1. Research station "Lovcen" Summer School of Science-PRONA: Lecturer- Topic: Environmental Economics: Why were need protected areas?, August 2014