Doc. dr Vladan Božović

First name: Vladan

Family name: Bozovic

Sex: Male

Date of birth: 01/06/1974

Nationality: Montenegrin

Contact:  (address, telephone number, e-mail): 16 , Marka Radovica, Podgorica, 81000,Montenegro +382 20 681 515 +382 60 003040 / +382 69 350880

Viber acc number: +382 60 003040


09/2012 - today Professor in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology University of Donja Gorica – UDG, Faculty for Food technology, food safety and Ecology, Donja Gorica bb, Podgorica,
Lectures and seminars in General chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Education

06/2017- today UNDP project coordinator United Nations Development Programme – office in Montenegro Project - Comprehensive Environmentally Sound Management of PCBs – GEF Global Environmental Facility

01/2016 -01/2017  Experienced researcher position/postdoc position Helmholtz centre for Environmental Research UFZ Permoser strasse 15 Leipzig, Germany Department for Environmental microbiology
Postdoc position in Environmental molecular biology / Department for Environmental Microbiology Research

04/2011 – 10/2013 Protection of the genetic resources in Montenegro / expert position (FP7 project) University of Montenegro Biotechnical faculty, Mihaila Lalica 1, Podgorica,
Research on genetic resources protection using molecular biology techniques (SSR markers), lectures and seminars in molecular biology methods and techniques for professors and students from the University of Montenegro. Lectures and seminars in Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research, Molecular biology, Biotechnology Education

09/2010 – 12/2012 National coordinator at the European environment agency (EEA) Environmental protection agency of Montenegro, IV Proleterske 19, Podgorica,
Reporting to the EIONET (EU environment network) Reporting, coordinating of activities on the national and international level (WS, conferences, seminars)

9/2008 – 09/2010 Assistant director – Department for monitoring, analysis and reporting Environmental protection agency of Montenegro, IV Proleterske 19, Podgorica,
Reporting to Government of Montenegro trough annual environmental reports, leading several negotiation teams on the national and international level Reporting, various activities at the national and international level regarding environmental issues

01/2003 – 09/2007PhD position – FU Berlin (DAAD scholarship) Free University – Berlin, Germany, Institute for Biology, chemistry and pharmacy, Konigin Luise Strasse 12/16 Berlin,
PhD : Thesis title: Cryoprotective activity of four dehydrins expressed in E.coli and their influence on thylakoid membrane permeability in comparison to cryoprotectin
Research, trainings for students


10.04.2016- 26.04.2016 COST action ES 1403 – New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse (NEREUS) MC member / WG1 member University of Barcelona / Cyprus University Barcelona , Spain

16.11.2015 - 30.11.2015 COST action FA1407 – D.I.V.A.S. - Overview of NGS applications for the study and diagnosis of plant viruses.
MC member NIB – National institute of Biology Ljubljana, Slovenia

17.08.2015 -28.08.2015 BfR-Summer Academy on Risk Assessment and Risk Communication in Food Safety, Berlin, Germany Bundesinstitut fur Risikoberwertung, Berlin, Germany

23.03.2015 – 27.03.2015 GMO detection methods (new generation sequencing, digital PCR) Flexible scope of accreditation JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection Ispra, Italy

14.04.2014 – 17.04.2014 Better Training for Safer Food EU PDO/PGI/TSG Schemes organized by European Commission, Department for Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency Certified EU schemes manager for PDO/PGI/TSG EU quality Schemes, Lisbon, Portugal

10.06.2013 – 30.06.2013 ECQA Certified EU project manager ECQA European Certification and Qualification Association, Eden Hotel Cannes 133, France EU project management, Horizon 2020 proposal writing

20.02.2012 - 5.03.2012 Certified molecular plant breeder Advanced course - Use of molecular markers in plant breeding, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), Barcelona, Spain Using of molecular SSR and SNPs molecular markers in plant breeding

01/2003 – 09/2007 Doctor of Natural Sciences PhD position, Free University Berlin, Konigin Luise Strasse 12/16, Berlin, Germany
Molecular biology: gene and recombinant DNA cloning, genomic PCR, RT-PCR, cloning full length genes by PCR, sub cloning to expression vectors, DNA sequencing analysis, Southern blot, Northern blot, DNA isolation from bacteria, yeast, RNA extraction from plant cells. Biochemistry: recombinant protein expression and purification, immobilization of proteins with cyanogens bromide, protein quantization with Lowry and Bradford methods, immunodetection and western blot analysis, ELISA, in vivo and in vitro labeling of proteins with radioactive isotopes and measuring protein degradation by pulse-chase analysis

09/1998 – 09/2001MSc in Ecology and bioinformatics
MSc degree, University of Belgrade, Department of Ecology: Environmental protection Bioindicators of pollutant exposure in the Adriatic Sea Environmental impact assessment reporting

09/1992 – 07/1998BSc in Molecular biology and physiology
Diploma degree in molecular Biology and Physiology, University of Belgrade, Department of Molecular Biology and Physiology. Grade point average 9.02/10.00

Molecular biology: DNA extraction, PCR, DNA sequencing, southern blot, northern blot. Biochemistry: Protein purification


Mother tongue(s) Montenegrin/Serbian

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English C1 C1 C1 C1 C2

German B1 B2 B2 B2 A1
Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills I gained good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, through different trainings programmes abroad (Germany, Spain, Denmark etc.); good communication skills gained through experience as organizer of several conferences in Montenegro and abroad, organizing workshops and seminars, teaching, as science journalist producing environmental and natural science TV shows;

Organisational / managerial skills

Working as a manager in environmental protection agency I was responsible for national and international negotiation activities regarding environmental laws and other regulations;
As a Chef executive for department for monitoring and reporting I was responsible for the of 15 people. I was responsible for implementing of several national projects working with a team of 45 people As a Chef of the sales department in the life science products trading company “V Logistic doo” , I used well developed communication skills to manage high value commerce.

Job-related skills

Designing of environmental monitoring program for Montenegrin costal area including microorganisms as bioindicators. Controlling of the sampling and analysis performed in the responsible institutions (advisory control).

Computer skills

Competent with most Microsoft Office programmes (Word, Excel, Power Point),Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Other skills

Competent with Microsoft computer programs and office hardware, SAS statistical program, analytical instruments. Communication skills: (1) working close to research groups, Government bodies, Professors domestically and internationally, biochemistry and biotechnology lectures as the part of different training activities, presentations, etc. Intercultural skills: experienced successful working abroad where worked with a team composed of colleagues of different nationalities.

Driving licence B


Publications; Presentations; Projects; Conferences; Seminars; Honours and awards; Memberships References

1. Vladan Bozovic
, Katarina Rudilf, Zoran Jovovic, Vladimir Meglic Molecular analysis of local potato cultivars from Montenegro using microsatellite markers (SSR). In press (2015).

2. Marko Maras1 & Aleš Sedlar1 & Alex Reid2 & Vladan Božović3 & Zoran Jovović4 & Vladimir Meglič1 & Peter Dolničar1 Genetic Diversity and Redundancy Among Potato Accessions in the Montenegrin Collection as Revealed by Microsatellite Markers American Journal of Potato Research The Official Journal of the Potato Association of America ISSN 1099-209X Am. J. Potato Res. DOI 10.1007/s12230017-9566-4

3. Vesna Maraš, Vladan Bozovic, Sabina Giannetto and Manna Crespan, SSR molecular marker analysis of the grapevine germplasm of Montenegro, : J. Int. Sci. Vigne Vin, 48, n°2 (2014).

4. Vladan Bozovic 1*, Jan Svensson 2, Jurgen Schmitt 3 and Carsten Kohn 3 Dehydr
ins (LTI29, LTI30, COR47) from Arabidopsis thaliana expressed in E. coli protect Thylakoid membrane during freezing, Journal of Serbian Chemical Society 78 (8) 1149 – 1160 (2013) JSCS-4486

5. Vladan Bozovic 1*, Jan Svensson 2, Jurgen Schmitt 3 Dehydrins from Arabidopsis thaliana expressed in E. coli protect plant membranes during freezing, IV International Conference "Agrosym 2013" Sarajevo, Jahorina, October 3-6 2013, Book of abstracts: 159pp

6. Zindović, J., Božović, V., Miladinović, Z., Rubies Autonell, C., Ratti, C. (2012): Characterization of Plum pox virus isolates from different peach varieties in Montenegro, 22nd International Conference on Virus and other graft transmissible diseases of fruit crops, Rome, June 3-8, 2012, Book of abstracts: 159pp

7. Zindović, J., Božović, V., Miladinović, Z., Rubies Autonell, C., Ratti, C. (2012): Belgrade, Serbia, International Symposium on Current Trends in Plant Protection oral presentatio, Proceedings: 41-45.

International Conferences :

3rd Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment and People Conference, 2013 Podgorica Montenegro

3th International Symposium Agrosym 2012. Jahorina, 3-6 October 2012, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Role of research in sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas" 23-25 May, 2012, Podgorica, Montenegro

“Arabidopsis-aphid interactions,” International Aphid Genomics Meeting, Paris, July, 2003.

First International Conference on NAD(P)H Oxidases, Giessen, Germany June, 2004

European Conference on Bioinformatics (ECCB 2005) (28.09.2005 - 01.10.2005)

International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB 2005)
(14.05.2005 - 18.05.2005)

dr Vladan Božović